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A Great Boost For CCC


I have more fantastic news regarding the future of CCC. Today I received a phone call from the Mars Milk fund, and after some small talk, they have awarded CCC with £300.00 to assist with club set up. This money will go towards British Cycling affiliation and the purchasing of turbo trainers/rollers for the clubs "Turbo Tuesday" sessions to assist with those that don't have them yet.

I am very excited that things are finally starting to come together and thank everyone for their support especially to those who have stepped forward and volunteered in some way, shape or form. Your support is very much appreciated and it makes Karen​ and my life's that little bit easier behind the scenes.

We are of course still very much in need of a club treasurer. If anyone inside or outside of the club knows somebody that might fit the bill then please convert them and get in touch with either Karen or myself ASAP. Thank you.

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