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CCC Cyclocross Training

This is a fun CycloCross session for anyone wanting to get in to this discipline. We meet at West End Park in March for 9am on certain Sundays. Details can be found on our social media apps and club calendar above. All abilities will be catered for in this training, and we will be focusing very much on fun, enjoyment and inclusion for all ages and abilities. The content of the training will vary depending on riders experience and requirements, but in general you can expect this to involve 30-45 minutes of skills training - including dismounting, carrying over hurdles and remounting the bike. We'll then have a 1hr 45 min to 2 hour ride round the bridleways/rights of way and then finish with another 30 minutes of skills work. There is no need for a specialist CX bike, but a minimum of a bike which is capable of riding on bridleways, such as a mountain bike is recommended.

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